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Welcome to Yiwu Qide Packaging Co., Ltd.website! sina blog | 中文版 | ENGLISH

Qide Packaging provides you with all-round customized marketing packaging services

Set design, proofing, printing production as one, save money, trouble and worry for you!
  • Customized

    Specification, color, material and printing process can be customized on demand.

  • Design

    Tailor-made according to your needs belongs to your product packaging program!

  • Register accuracy

    We introduce advanced equipment and domestic high quality ink

  • Detail guarantee

    We have many experienced craftsmen to ensure the details of our products.

  • Quality material

    We choose domestic high quality materials, so that the quality of products is guaranteed!

Strong production strength Fast delivery

Strong production strength to supply fast
  • Introduction of advanced equipment and scientific production line
  • Multiple rigorous safety certification and testing to ensure product quality
  • Strong production strength and fast supply speed
  • Strict Control of Products to Ensure Product Qualification
  • Made by one machine, the clamping groove is neat, beautiful and stable.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance of professional quality
  • Through quality certification standards, won many honors
  • Rich Production Experience and Perfect Management Model
  • Use of high quality raw materials to ensure safety and supply stability
  • Years of Production Experience and Improvement of Service System

Factory direct supply

Factory direct supply effectively saves purchasing cost
  • Real price to benefit customers
  • Strength of Large Warehousing and Rapid Logistics Distribution
  • On-line and off-line proofing and ordering after satisfaction
  • Thousands of customers at home and abroad trust packaging manufacturers!

Good service

Strong production strength to supply fast
  • Professional management team and service team
  • Make one-to-one solutions, tailor-made design style for you
  • Powerful logistics support and express delivery support, all parts of the country can deliver goods.
  • Better than peer delivery cycle, small batch can also be customized, dedicated to serving customers

Entering Qide Packaging

Undertake all kinds of cards, paper bags, cartons, customization. Fine printing/fine workmanship

Yiwu Qide Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing company of cards, packaging boxes, display boxes and other products. Have a complete and scientific quality management system. For a long time, with the products of high quality and low price, you can be assured that the produ


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